I have been a singer and guitarist for 40 years and performed for free and payment. I have a small female harmony group, ukulele group and have written and recorded songs. Recently I formed the concept of JOICE – Join in with the voice to enable others to participate and perform.

Referendum Blues – written and performed by Peter Dreghorn of JOICE – Join in with the voice, Moffat. Recorded at Sound Sense.
  1. tell it to the living Peter Dreghorn 3:06
  2. Special Needs Peter Dreghorn 4:46

Tell it to the Living. Lionel McClelland was a great singer and composer in Scotland who came to see me at the University of Glasgow to do a degree in Scottish Studies. I asked him his life ambition and he didn’t have one so I asked him what would he want on his epitaph and he said he would rather people said nice things about him before he died. A great learning experience for me which inspired this song.

Special Needs …is a song recorded at Washhoose Studios, Crawfordjohn with Kathy Stewart and Ken Kennedy ( now married to Ken Kennedy), Don Cameron, Jan Cameron and Matt Thomson.   It contains many of the clichés in the area of Children with special needs. My first effort at professional recording.