I have been a singer and guitarist for 40 years and performed for free and payment. I have a small female harmony group, ukulele group and have written and recorded songs. Recently I formed the concept of JOICE – Join in with the voice to enable others to participate and perform.

Referendum Blues – written and performed by Peter Dreghorn of JOICE – Join in with the voice, Moffat. Recorded at Sound Sense.
  1. tell it to the living Peter Dreghorn 3:06

Tell it to the Living. Lionel McClelland was a great singer and composer in Scotland who came to see me at the University of Glasgow to do a degree in Scottish Studies. I asked him his life ambition and he didn’t have one so I asked him what would he want on his epitaph and he said he would rather people said nice things about him before he died. A great learning experience for me which inspired this song.