Travelling Loo  C

The Travelling Loo C is an alternative domestic toilet, for daily household use, avoiding the need to flush human waste away and collecting a resource for the garden. The intention is for individuals ultimately everyone,  to  change both our attitudes and practicalities of going to the toilet. The Travelling Loo C’s name refers to its portability but it is a permenant toilet, not  really for festivals and events.

Designed  and Researched by Peter Dreghorn, Additional design and Prototypes made by Martin Harrison and Peter Ryan. Aesthetically pleasing, less odoruous than conventional toilets and needing no management of waste, the TLC is  both a  toilet revolution and a return to past practices.  The majority of composting toilets need some management, emptying buckets  in particular. The TLC, however, allows the waste to return to soil without any interventions.

Although the invention of the flushing toilet helped to prevent dangerous bacteria and infections spreading, with close living populations of recent centuries, this has interrupted the normal natural ecosystem cycle. That cycle of – 1. animal eats plants is digested 3.waste is expelled 4.waste decomposes to soil 5. soil feeds nutrients to plants 1. animal eats plants -is a vital part of food production and the natural environment. Now human and animal waste washing into our rivers and oceans is a major problem on the planet, it kills small animals, adds too much nutrient to the water and is best decomposed first. By using the Travelling Loo C, you will be saving 1-4 litres of water each time you don’t flush, the chemical processes at sewage works and the carbon used in water purification. Latest research shows that many chemicals such as antibiotics and contraceptive pill elements,remain in treated water affecting wildlife.


The important aspect of sanitation is separation from human contact of human waste, while it rots down and after immediate evacuation. The Travelling Loo C provides that separation and restores the natural cycles by treating the waste as a resource. Simply put, the Travelling Loo C allows you to go, leave it in the ground and use it when it becomes soil.

Zero Waste Scotland philosophy of Recycle, Re-use and Reduce means that we can now regard all waste as a potential resource and the Travelling Loo C fits this approach.   The concept of zero waste for a moment and what this grand ambition will actually mean to us all.

The intention is to change the toilet processes we currently use. It is portable because it might need to be moved if and when, the hole is full.