I work from home, a place beside the Annan Water. There you can relax with a cup of tea in warm, beautiful surroundings, either in a room in the cottage or the luxury cabin in the garden. Sometimes it’s useful to go walking while talking and there are some lovely riverside or woodland walks nearby.

Other ways we can talk

You can contact me on Skype which is a recognised form of counselling, similar to telephone counselling, but visual. We can have sessions on Skype or follow up via this medium. Skype itself is free once you have purchased the web cam and microphone, there would be a fee for session via Skype.

You could have a day or week break in Moffat and spend some time walking the landscape and engage in counselling each day, before or after the session.

You could engage in some voluntary work at Corehead, like tree planting and we could discuss issues during the break.

What ever mode is best for you ! I do not drive so visits to your home would not be cost or time effective!