Emotional Intelligence was made popular by Daniel Goleman. He pointed out that awareness of our feelings, self esteem, motivation and relationships with others could greatly enhance our lives. I can offer help in looking at your EQ and that of your organisation. Recently I introduced the idea of constructive 360 degree feedback to a NHS group of managers. This had a significant effect on their day to day work and relationships with staff. All my work as a counsellor is based on using this type of intelligence to sustain well being in emotions and mental health.

These are sometimes called ‘soft skills’ compared to say, learning the procedures of successful driving or motoring. It is now common knowledge that an organisation who values these areas is much more likely to be content, efficient and vibrant. Think of just one area and then consider someone you know who lacks that skill.
Finally consider the impact this has on the organisation. A example might be self control – someone may not think it important to control their negative feelings about the organisation and this could have a detrimental effect on their own performance or contentment and that of others.You can start to look at yourself by considering how you could use and manage your feelings……Try these ideas on EQ..