Wellbeingsolutions.org.uk is about how emotional intelligence, nature, music and management of my waste has contributed to my contentment. The reason I have made a website of the things I do to keep happy is that I found that helping and supporting others to do similar activities enables them to enhance their contentment with life and themselves. Additionally I now believe that being responsible for the wellbeing of others is actually the key to the wellbeing of the self.

Originally I was a Primary school teacher, then Special Needs Advisor and Education Advisor. I then retrained in the 90’s as a Psychodynamic Counsellor and Solution Focused Therapist, working in the new University Campus in Dumfries, freelance counselling for Unum Provident and in NHS Primary Care. Recently I was a supervisor for Mental Health Charge Nurses and Trainer in Stephen Covey and Emotional Health Techniques for the NHS. I have been a MBACP for 10 years ( Member of the British Association and Counselling and Psychotherapy, No; 516792). I have had a deep interest in Solutions for Wellbeing, Emotional Intelligence and what makes people use or abuse their emotions.

My formal qualifications are – Diploma in Counselling ( Heriot Watt University) Teaching Certificate ( Oxford University) Advanced Diploma Special Needs ( Open University) Master of Arts Degree in Evaluation ( Open University), Club Pilot ( British Association of Hang Gliding and Paragliding)

My interests are in music, playing and singing folk and rock songs and in all aspects of the environment. I was chair of the Tinto Folk Festival for seven years and the on Carrifran Wildwood Steering group. I used to be an amateur archaeologist and wrote materials and a chapter in a book called ‘Touching the Past’ for schools.

Currently I am involved in an ecological restoration project at the head of the River Annan, helping to retore a sheep farm, called Corehead, to part woodland and part traditional farming. I am studying at Edinburgh University for an MSc in Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health.

I enjoy writing as an amateur journalist, having published, for example in the Glasgow Herald ( on counseling), The Scotsman ( on Social Services).

The main reason I am a counselor is that I am primarily interested in working with people, understanding their skills and resources that they are looking to use and helping them change their lives. I believe very strongly that we cannot change our lives and emotions alone, we need others to talk to, especially when times are difficult

If I had a motto it would be – ‘Everyone has the capacity to change’ – and then might add – even myself.

Everyone I have worked with has changed me in some way, now it’s your turn.