Are you Anxious ? Are you stressed ? Have you lost direction?

Try Solutions for Well Being Online Counselling, a unique form of counselling called Solution Focused Therapy. You will be able to look at the Big Picture in your life, decide how you want to be, think about when things were going well and plan for change.

Solution Focused Therapy works with the resources you already have and can produce genuine results in quite a short time. Usually only about 6 Online Counsellingsessions are needed to help you make a change in your life.

It does not look at your past problems or reasons why you have arrived at your current state, it looks at your past successes and how you can make them work again.

How does it work? Counselling in the present and the future…

I am a trained counsellor and practice Solution Focused therapy on myself and clients. Emotional intelligence is a key factor in personal wellbeing and as with music listening and supporting others brings that contentment to the provider.

This is how Counselling Work & Solution Focused Therapy works. After saying why you have come for help you think about the ‘Miracle Question’ -that is what you really want. Then the conversation moves on to when you were feeling well and what was happening then. Your current feelings and state of mind is then scored out of ten. Finally the session closes with some goals for the week to help you move forward. The skill I employ is helping you identify your resources, giving you hope and think differently about yourself. I often use this technique on my self but for serious or deep issues it is good to talk to someone else.